Research Chemicals

RCUK offers the widest range of Research Chemicals legally available to the UK and EU market. No matter where your area of study lies, we have a product to suit you.

With, among others, analogues of Ketamine, MDMA, Ritalin, THC and DMT, there will be something within our listings to aid in your research, and further your knowledge of the effects of psychoactive substances, hallucinogens, and other stimulants, upon their associated receptors.

We offer only the highest quality of research chemical products, all of which are tested for purity, prior to dispatch, in our fully equipped labs. So, whether you're a student, biologist, chemist, or scientist, take a look through our extensive research chemicals catalogue, and order with confidence.

RCUK sells Research Chemicals (RC's) for the purposes of in vitro (outside living organism) testing only. We do not condone the misuse of any substance, whether legal or otherwise, and our products are not intended for human consumption.

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